Saturday, September 3, 2011

Catching up the last summer sunshine

Beginning of Highline at 41st Street

Mid-way Highline got the coffee/light sandwhich/ice cream
Now that I realize, after I have experienced that Highline is the great way & fastest way walking down to SOHO, I use this route alot these days! It has great view, cool breeze, no signals. just great.

Color in Chelsea

Waiting for a signal

10am in SOHO. 9.3.2011

Color in SOHO

preparation before opening on Saturday morning

Color in SOHO

Out out out of your room!!

It was beautiful weather on August.20.2011
Cool breeze blowing on Highline made even more perfect for enjoying the outdoor activity.
So, I took lot of photographs wherever I went, which turned out great :D

An interesting architect in SOHO

On the mid-way of Highline.
What a great family the baby got.

Love the color combination.