Thursday, November 7, 2013

Computer Saving-screen!

Autumn is hitting the climax in Seoul- Nov.08.2013
Well, nothing special, but just wanted to post up computer saving-screen
that I made at work. It kind of shows a season.
(most of inpiration cuts are from The Sartorialist)


Friday, October 18, 2013

Preparation of 14 F/W season

Autumn breeze has filled the air in Seoul.
I have been taking lots of photos lately because
October is the most beautiful time of the year in Korea.

As I was preparing the next year's trend at my work,
I found out that one of the buyer's inspiration was coming from Miranda Kerr.
 My design director was pending whether to use her fashion shot
for Kohl's Vendor Fair banner or not.
Eventually, the direction geared to an unexpected way,
so I just might as well post this up that I had worked on as an idea-
for a record

Monday, September 9, 2013

I call this K-POP art.

I found these two brilliant idea
of re-interpreting old Korean folk art into...
its own commercial art.

1. Grill5

( The original artwork below comes from Chosun Dynasty.
Drawn by Shin Yoon-Bok, titled "Wol-Ha-Jeong-In" (월하정인)
Obviously, the man and the woman are attracted to each other,
meeting illegally when everybody's asleep.
Despite the moon is even facing the ground, keeping their secrets,
the woman and the man have different paths to take
that this love cannot be made through.

It was fun to see contemporized,
and some kind of rhetoric sense is melted in 
Grill5 commercial that man has brought the best food
to the woman and guiding the way to go out in a quiet night.

If you can read Korean, visit the link below
to go into a depth about the secret of this painting.
It even shares the secret of the time they met each other based on 
the shape of the moon...
Lot of historians assume that they met at 11:50pm )

2. Gook-Dae-Ddok-Bbok-E (국대떡볶이)

국대떡볶이 is a franchised Korean stewed rice-cake restaurant.
It's not a fancy restaurant, rather it's more like Subway
or a Quizno feel, where you order, eat and go, fast.
But! it's NOT a fast-food! 떡볶이 is quiet a mid-level difficulty food.

Anyways, I was walking by 삼청동,
and I saw this big poster during a hot-humid summer 
right infront of 국대떡볶이.

The drawing is famous-
Everyone knows it because they are the character from Korean textbook!
Her name is ALWAYS 영희
and his name is ALWAYS 철수.
영희 ( Young-Hee ) & 철수 ( Cheol-Soo ).
It's always a friendly reminder whenever I see them.

( Below is the original characters of Cheol-Soo and Young-Hee
from elementary textbook. Since it's a textbook, 
they always say the nicest things about each other,,,, you know
the textbook dialogue - nothing surprised.
Now these days, people use these
two characters that they make fun of each other and make postcard
out of it or a sticker. Even Kakaotalk use these two characters
and sell online store to use as a emoticon. )

Monday, September 2, 2013

Weekend getaway to Sok-cho & Jeong-Dong Jin

I went to 속초 (Sok-Cho) and 정동진 (Jeong-Dong Jin)
last weekend and it was a b.l.a.s.t
never realized how clean the water was and sand was beau-ty-full.

You gotta go to Sok-Cho beach during Summer.
I went there one tempo late, but still it was so worth it
that I promised myself to come here once again before winter.
Winter beach is also romantic, but Sok-cho
is located east-side Korea....
which means it snow ALOT and it would be very difficult to drive there.
But I think it would be still wonderful yet challenging to see
snow covering the beach.

On the way to Sok-cho.
one of the unique 휴계소 that have swings.
It was quite an exercise to move the swing by myself.

Mt. Ulsan
(울산 바위)

(If you are going to Sok-cho,
please do stop by at Young-Geum Jeong,
which has great landmark of Korean pavillion
that usually is built on top of a mountain)

Now it's Sok-cho beach
(속초 해수욕장)

God is amazing..


Now, you gotta visit
Haslla Art Museum, which is about 30min. - 45min away
from Sok-cho. Haslla Art Museum has an outdoor
sculpture park and indoor art gallery.
I didn't have a chance, but I think it would be great to spend
a night at Haslla Hotel as well. The food.... is not recommended at the Haslla restaurant.

The sculpture park closes early during winter days,
so please go there early enough so that you can take
lots of photos with your precious one.


Everything will be alright....
Cast down all your worries before God, who can
actually make a way for you when you pray.

John 3:16
For God so loved the world, that He gave his one and only Son,
that whoever believes in Him will not perish, but
have eternal life.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Feeling Fuchsia

Today is the first day of the last week of August 2013.
I don't know why...but I feel like fuchsia today,
if that makes any sense.

( photos taken since last year in Korea. Every single photo has a 
story behind it...but today I just want to keep silence. )

Sunday, August 25, 2013

On an ordinary day in Korea

August. 2013
maybe on 10th or 12th.

One day, one of my co-workers and I were heading home together.
We boarded on a subway, and started to chat.
As usual, Seoul metro was making its big noise as it
trailed on its way, we both grabbed the handle above our heads.
Suddenly, she took off her hands off from the handle by her surprise
and said, "there's a spiky things on the handle".

I could not hold off my laugh seeing spiky bumps on the handle, 
just that ONE that my co-worker grabbed.
Nothing else, but just that ONE.

I thought it's pretty cute idea for people on a subway
to massage themselves while they are commuting...
without anyone noticing.

Heading to subway station in Jeongja.
It was beautiful sunlight hitting every surfaces after a month-long monsoon.

Walking to Sun-Reung station from Samsung Station.
It's just a street, but I love this street walking at night.

Cheon-gye chun (near Seoul station).
Captured the exciting moment in a bus
on my way to Busan trip.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Desserts in Korea

It's dessert time!
I wasn't aware of how many dessert pictures I took for the past few months
while I was organizing photos taken from my phone!
Do not think that dessert is famous in Europe or in Japan,
but it's magnificiently super awesome in Korea as well!
becasue we have red-ben ice shaves (팥빙수)

Lot of Koreans l.o.v.e. coffee and I am also a big fan of
americano over a banana bread.