Saturday, August 22, 2015

Great sight-seeing in Seoul - MMCA

Gotta visit National Modern Museum Contemporary Art Korea - Seoul
located in Angook station, 안국역
It feels like MOMA in Manhattan.
Great way to explore contemporary art.

On the day I visited with my friends, there was
a special event hosted by Hyundai card.
There was a beautiful lighted outdoor public art (I think it's a temporary)
and the group who won the contest for this public art was interviewing with the host.
Few hours later,
we encountered Si-Kyung Sung, a famous Korean ballard singer.

The whole scene of night-light, the architect, the song, the warm temperature -
it was all perfect.

It was beautiful night in heart of Seoul, where Kings and Queens once lived.

We went to "ONLY BURGER" -approx. 20 min. away from An-Gook subway station, 
This treasure restaurant t is located on the way to the hill of 삼청공원.
Everyone said it's really good. :)
hearty meat with fresh ingredients with great people.
What else is needed?

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Beautiful Men's Hanbok

Never thought Hanbok - Korean costume can be so handsome-look.
Whoever wears that hanbok, I would like to have a dinner.
@ An-Gook station (line 3)

Gymboree Product Summit 3 - 2015

Another PS 3 Fair starts next week in August 25-26th in San Francisco.
This time, venue is Gymboree HQ!
Really honored and excited to present.
Here are some of the graphic dev. I had done specially for Gymboree.

Hope it leads to an effective production order.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

OSAKA trip in Nov.2014

Reminiscent of Osaka trip.
what a memorable moment I had.
2 n / 3 days

My friend, back in college, and I planned to trip to Osaka in Nov.2014 together.
From Osaka international airport we took
RAPIDO - the express train.
"Save time and fully absorb the culture" was our motto.

The below picture is
one of the small streets in Osaka, Japan.
I love their city-construction, architects. I can feel
that the city is really built for pedestrians.

Church of Light located in 
4 Chome-3 Kitakasugaoka
Ibaraki-shi, Ōsaka-fu 567-0048
built by Tadao Ando.

We actually went there on Sunday for service.
The pastor was really nice, explaining the history of the architecture
(of course, we didn't understand since it was all Japanese)
and people were welcoming with warm heart.

I love to travel Japan because
people are really nice and welcoming.
Also, the main reason I always desire to visit again is
traveling Japan is a REAL rest to me.
(in addition, my aunt lives in Yokohama which is very similar to San Diego, CA)
The city is not too crowded.
Just right aerial space, shops, restaurants.
I wonder how they do it. Wish Seoul can be more spaced out. :^)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

[Project 119] Psalms 119:9-11

From my church congregation, we have started a project called,
"Project 119."
Purpose is clear. To remember God's living word.
We are exposed to a overflowing media and information, and naturally we tend to
draw away from God's word because everything else seem fun and eye-catching.
It takes time to really meditate His word and it requires extra efforts to listen His voice.
So, Project 119 is important for every single person.
It is made for mobile-lock up screen.
For whenever we turn cellphone on, we see the word first.
I think it's a great idea.

For some reason, I became the first starter
(and it is to be continued).

Psalms 119:9-11