Sunday, November 22, 2015

Taipei, Taiwan Trip!

Traveled by myself during Korean-Harvest day (aka Thanksgiving Day) 
9.24th - 9.26th 2015.
I chose Taipei because the city is safe enough to travel by oneself and 
easy to commute using subway and bus.
Since I can speak a little bit of Chinese, and my friend from high-school is
living in Taipei, I just thought, 'why not.'

People were very nice and they loved Korean.
It was the power of K-pop and K-drama.

I arrived pretty late on 24th.
However, I thrived myself to get a massage, which opens until 2 am.
I realized the night-life in Taipei is very similar to Seoul night-life.

Since 3rd day flight was so tight to travel,
I squeezed all the must-visit sightseeing on 2nd day (Friday).

(place where Japanese animation, "Spirited Away," was inspired from)
It was a bit disappointed place because it was too commercialized.
I had fun drinking hot oolong-tea anyway.
I recommend to just go to a non-crowded place. It's all same.

GREAT and MUST-GO! It's a hot-spring area.
I didn't get a chance to visit due to early-close.
I felt more of Japanese street in Beitou. 
My friend was working at a Montessori school, so I met her up there
and went to a night-market. 

Below is the BUS number"1062" you can take from Taipei city to Jiufen.
It takes about 40-50min. one way. If you want to save some time, and enough budget, I recommend you hire a taxi-driver and visit all the must-sight seeing places in one day.
It's much cheaper to travel with taxi if you have more than two accompany :)

I read so many Korean bloggers that MANGO BEER tastes so good, that every 
single one said they want to import one in Korea. 
well, I don't think it's going to happen, but
it was that good. Perfect match with hot humid Taipei weather.
I had to visit ESPRIT store. I love their fabrics and garments.
I hope they open a store in Seoul as well.....but not overprice plz.

Taipei has great lounge bars. This one I visited one is called Marco Polo rooftop bar.
However, the Taipei 101 is just a few blocks away from this hotel rooftop bar.
The drink was pretty good.
My friend treated me so well, when she visits Seoul, it is my turn :^)

(below photo: captured from google image)

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Book-cheon, Seoul - Han-Oak Village

just photos today.
Love this place....all the time.

Book-cheon, 북촌마을 is located north-side
of An-Gook station (line #3, the orange line)

Saturday, November 7, 2015


john 12:46
"I have come into the world as a light,
so that no one who believes in me should
stay in darkness"

End of Summer doodling

I know...summer is not here with us anymore,
and autumn is ready to leave in Seoul already....
Two days of raining caused
 trees brushing off their beautiful red, yellow coat.
Leaving a one of pages from my sketchbook.