Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kate Spade launched "SATURDAY"

What a whimsical word of Saturday that
Kate Spade NY chose and made another branch for girls to
wear casual but on hot trend line.
Love their print and vivid colros.
makes me want to wear and go out on Saturday picnic.
I have captured from website.
such a cute domain they bought.
comment* i also like the grid of their website.
it's simple, and interesting looks how the lines go through
the picture as well but not distracted.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Just a few months ago..

It's time to say good bye to a long lasted 2012-winter friend.
The temperature started to soar up and didn't have enough time to 
enjoy spring at all..where did Spring go?....

Ever since, a clean/minimal design kicked in USA TODAY,
I have been fan of the media. It's so easy to read and absorb important news
while I am heading to work. 

The past winter, I have captured several news clip while I was reading it,
so that it becomes one of my "record-breaking news library".
2012 winter had recorded so many things in terms of snow, massive wave,
earthquakes, and many other mother nature disaster.

I hope to hear good news this year though!!
May God watches over this land and people.

news-clip from

news-clip from USA TODAY (above)

news-clip from USA TODAY (above)

Monday, May 6, 2013

San Diego Sun

diggin' through an old album back in 2010,
I realized again how beautiful San Diego summer days are.

I want to lay down on a soft warmed-up sand, and hear
waves crashing onto a shore once again..

enjoy the photos I took 3 years ago! :^)

will visit you soon-*
taken @ Pacific Beach, CA

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dancers Among Us


I haven't sketched for a long time...(shame on me)
until I saw the cover of the book below,
called Dancers Among Us.

The book opens up reader's eyes how our life can be filled
with "pure, joyful optimism of all".
I haven't read the book yet, but every page delivers energy from
stunning photographs of dancers leaping, spinning, lifting and kicking
from the place you could have never thought of.

It's fun to see people's reaction around the dancers from the picture.
Their expression is as if they will remember the moment for
the rest of their lives. Every single photo shows how much
the author really enjoyed it, as well as the dancers.

My inspiration came from the cover photo, and just 
interpreted in my own language.. learning how to dance in the rain.

Have a wonderful day.