Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bojagi and Beyond

Another great news.
I have been wanting to see this book published!
Diana Oh and I have been working on this book only for three months
..but crazy-ly focused. Now it's published!!!!
the website link above is where you can order books :D

Professor Chunghie Lee (curator, famous Korean Bojagi artist) has been wanting to publish her own artist book for the past ten years. In my senior year at Rhode Island School of Design,
Diana and I took her class called Bojagi and Beyond and that's how our triangle relationship began.

She asked for about 35 bojagi illustrations.
It was a lot of fun, but we had a little bit of stress on time constraining, since we had to finish the book in only three months, which it usually takes about an year to publish a book.

Anyways, with God's guidance and grace it's available now through personal order! Order through
It's $40 per book, little bit pricy, but it tells you the history of bojagi
and include special Chunghie Lee's bojagi works and my illustrations :)

Below images are from two of the selected spread sheet of
Bojagi and Beyond, authored by Chunghie Lee.
Designed by Diana Oh and illustrations by Hyun Jin Yoo(colored)/Jiyoung Chung(line drawings)

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