Saturday, December 25, 2010

Liz Claiborne Bedding Set Illustration

 process 1
 process 2

When I was intern at Liz Claiborne for Issac Mizrahi, I was honored to illustrate 
Liz Claiborne's bedding set from February through May as a promotional presentation to clients. I am not sure whether they have approved this or not, but it was a great experience where you wouldn't able to do what you want to do during intern. 

Now I became a full-time employer :) at Isaac Mizrahi for QVC 
( sponsored by Earthbound LLC) in New York. 
But my creativity and desire of drawing/sketching/illustrating will continue. 
Great news is that I am able to meet ROKING chief executors, editors in mid-January 
while they are on a business trip to U.S. for broadening 
the Korean culture magazine distribution in the states.

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  1. congrats hyun jin!! very well deserved :) i look forward to more of your work !