Monday, August 25, 2014

Branding Korean food - KIM BOP! ( 국민음식 김밥! )

Finally finally
all this time 
I have been waiting to 
eat "Kim-Sun-Seng" kimbop at Migeum station ( 미금역 @ 분당).
It's finally open.

Why I like?
because of its clean taste and it comes in a pretty package!

Kim-Sun-Seng (김선생), Teacher Kim, 
was named after Korean most common last name, Kim. 
However, the word itself of "KIM" also means
 one of the most popular Korean side-dish, salted dried laver 
(black wrapped paper you see in sushi - aka kim-bop in Korean).

I am thrilled to introduce franchised Kim-Sun-Seng (김선생)
because there was no one who could even
think to "brandizeKorean popular snack food. 
Our parent's generation ate kim-bop to eat fast and be filled.

But now, design matters in this generation.

An ordinary Kim-Sun-Seng (김선생) designed 
their own package with a sweet sense of portable hand-wash paper. 
Kim-Sun-Seng (김선생) food is absolutely delicious!
They only use farm-raised chicken egg, 
non-chemical radish, and traditionally pressed sesame oil that
 continued ever since 53 years ago.

The price is about 50cents higher than other ordinary kim-bop, but
to receive pretty packaged kim-bop with fresh ingredients, it's worth it.

visit their website:

 the bottom one is a plain-kim bop i ordered this morning for a lunch.
But it's filled! Less rice, more fresh vegetables :^) 
which I prefer ...

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