Thursday, October 22, 2015

Autumn in Boo-Ahm-Dong, Seoul 부암동


I finally get to visit! It's about an hour and a half from my house.
SO, I have to really prepare my mind before I head there.
But it is a beautiful-hidden place in Seoul where it has great
museums and art galleries. It's near the Seoul castle-wall, so
lot of places are untouched and kept the way it was.

Boo-ahm village is located north of Gyeong-Bok Palace.
I recommend taking bus to Boo-ahm because you have to 
go through a tunnel and it seemed not a pleasant area to walk.
However, you may walk up to before the tunnel.
There is a bus stop. 
My walk-pace is pretty faster than the average, but even for me
it's a bit walk. here! I have added the bus you can talk it to.

I planned out to see art in JaHa Art museum...but it was under-construction
due to setting up for a new art was a nightmare because
you have to actually go up the 3 hills. Well, but life is always full of 
surprises! I get to know a small restaurants that I would love to spend time
with my friends and family. AND! I encountered one of the most
finest bakery shops in Seoul. it's called SCOFF.
I had met them when they visited bakery expo in COEX.
Their scone and lemon pound cake was ammmmazing!!!
It was way better than anywhere else I had tasted even in the state!

Please stop by their bakery shop. 
I have added the address down below.
Happy journey!

스코프 SCOFF 서울 종로구 부암동 278-5 070-8801-1739 오전 10시~오후 7시30분

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