Thursday, May 9, 2013

Just a few months ago..

It's time to say good bye to a long lasted 2012-winter friend.
The temperature started to soar up and didn't have enough time to 
enjoy spring at all..where did Spring go?....

Ever since, a clean/minimal design kicked in USA TODAY,
I have been fan of the media. It's so easy to read and absorb important news
while I am heading to work. 

The past winter, I have captured several news clip while I was reading it,
so that it becomes one of my "record-breaking news library".
2012 winter had recorded so many things in terms of snow, massive wave,
earthquakes, and many other mother nature disaster.

I hope to hear good news this year though!!
May God watches over this land and people.

news-clip from

news-clip from USA TODAY (above)

news-clip from USA TODAY (above)

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