Friday, May 1, 2015

GYMBOREE 16SS Product summit in San Francisco

Mar.17.2015 -Mar.20.2015
Attended Namyang intl's first Gymboree product summit fair.
Developed 90 styles knit and woven based on the trend and
developed 30 styles of graphics.
All the graphics are from my creativity.

It was definitely not an easy task, but it was worth it.
Hadn't been awhile in bay area since I graduated high school in Palo Alto.
Felt like I visited hometown :^)
got to see my old friends back in junior high.

here is a snap of two months of hard-work

(below: sequin + applique)

(below: one-point graphic)

(below: one-point graphic)

(below: applique embroidery)

(below: print + puff print)

(below: print +washing)

(below: applique + embroidery)

(below: print on terry)

(below: print +applique +embroidery)

 (below: suspenders idea in applique + embroidery)

(below: print +puff print+ nickel free dome)

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