Monday, May 25, 2015

Jeju Island Trip

5.22 - 5.24.2015
It has been a long way around for me to land Jeju Island.
I would say..took me an year to go.

I have tried 5 times to go to Jeju Island last year, 
but somehow God have stopped me..and had to cancel it. 
I would say, it was much easier for me to go to Japan than Jeju.
So, I went to Osaka last year.

This year, I tried... and nervous about getting canceled again due to an emergency work, 
or other happenings. But!! Finally God allowed me.

It wasn't just a trip, but it was a trip for my soul to rest.
The only thing I booked was an airplane ticket and a rental car.
NO search ahead, just heading where the wheel takes me.

(below: Ham-Deok Seo-Woo bong beach 함덕서우봉해변
Def. the best beach in Jeju-better than Hyup-jae 협재해변)

(below: 성산일출불)
It's the place to see the sunrise, but I think it's also a great place to go in the
afternoon, when it's bit cooler in the daytime.

(below: 천재연 폭포)

(below: 비자림 this place was AWESOME!!-must go.)

(below: Anthracite in Jeju
합정에 그 유명한 앤트라사이트 opened in March.2015
MUST GO! great coffee and not-too-sweet hearty bakery
I love how the architect used the historical site and renovate)

(below: 방주교회 - designed by Itami Jun)
Sunday Service: 9:30am /11am
Morning service: Mon-Sat. 6am)

(below: Encountered amazing Korean indi-band!!!
@ 이호테우 해변 E-ho-tae-woo beach)
Right across from the beach, ISLAND FACTORY is a great, hot-place
to visit for a coffee/bar/bakery.
Guesthouse host mentioned that the 4 guys who runs the place are
raised in Jeju and very passionate what they are doing.

I heard there are only 3 Latin bands in S. Korea.
One of them are "South Carnival" 사우스카니발
who are originated in Jeju Island. 
There are 9 members and every single of them are so professional, fun and very
very talented. I can tell they LOVE the music.
I was amazed that they are raised in Jeju. I would have thought
they have studied abroad and came back couple months for concert.
But no-they even made music in Jeju-country language.
It was blast.

(below: Hana Guesthouse
하나 게스트하우스 @ 이호테우해변
Wonderful host, very clean and reasonable price to stay.
I will never forget her heart-welcoming smile and every word she chooses.)

(below: Sunday service @ 성안
Seong-Ahn Presbyterian Church
Service starts @ 7am / 9am / 11am / 1am / 7:30pm
Amazing sermon)

/  I will not forget this trip, Lord
thank you so much leading every moment /

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