Monday, January 28, 2013

BukChon Hanok Village - Jongro, Seoul

Today I want to introduce BukChon Hanok Village near An-gook 안국역 station.
If you walk out through exit 3, you'll meet BukCheon Hanok village
and you get to take a one time lesson for Korean traditions at BukCon Traditional Culture Center. 
Please call the center first in order to reserve 1-1 lesson.

You get to experience in making a kite, embroidery, a tea,
 Korean traditional mulberry paper-Hanji, and even making 
Korean traditional fermented drink, mak-geol-li (막걸리). 
It costs around 10,000won to 30,000won depending on a material.

 Recently, I visited Shim Wha-Sook Hanji studio (심화숙 한지공방)
for a personal visit :)

This is where people learn Hanji lessons from her.

I am surprised how much Koreans consume coffee and how expert they are!
전광수 커피 is one of the franchises that knows how to brew/drip a cup of coffee.
The prices ranges from 5,500won - 8,000 won. They are all professionals.
The owner said she "only" has 5 years of experience.

It comes to an end how much you are passionate and love what you are doing.
It's that important because it shows.

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