Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Another day with a smile!

Hi world!

Recently, while I was revising my cover letter 
( Korean c.v. is so much different from the state that I have to describe my personality.....
little bit weird but they DO request to write how you overcame your weakness), 
I have asked my friends, "what kind of things does it remind of me?"
The reason why I have asked is because, I felt like there can be another me 
that I have never known, but others might have seen.
Sometimes.....I mean really sometimes,
other people might know you better than what you think you know yourself.

One of my friends answered, "Green! because,
you are very active person and there is so much of possibility to grow cause you're young.."
She always says that "youthfulness" can be a powerful strength when you
try to extend yourself. I agree. 
 my new logo, hj

I have created my own logo.. to be more precise, "revised." It all includes my initial :)
I have chosen turquoise color, which nearly matches with my personality.

imaginary flower sketch..


Two contradicting faces of ajummas I have met in a subway while I was heading home.
A face really tells what you are thinking... and I get a little idea of
how they have lived in the past. Not in detail, but just a glimpse, such as
a person who's always grumpy or a person who is very bubbly.

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