Sunday, January 6, 2013

Recession Dec. 2010 in NY

 HAPPY NEW YEAR of 2 0 1 3!

I have tendency to dig old albums that I have been taking and post up a year later...haha;;
It has been almost 9 months now, since I have moved to Korea. 
It was perfectly God's plan thatI studied in America and coming to Korea. 
I could see now that He was preparing ahead of me while He allowed 6 months of prayer... ;^)

Well, I didn't want to post up sad story, 
but wanted to post it anyways to remind me and you how bad the economy was 
(just because I found the pictures below).
I remember double-recession a year ago in New York City. I could feel it to my skin,
and here in Korea it's affected by American economy as well.

BUT! everyone's living with their best ! :)
So, it's a good sign.

 graph showing unemployment rate during the recession (since1930s - Sept. 2011)

Sept. 3 2011 NY Times headline 

Upper West, Museum Ave. 
Didn't have enough money to purchase bumper protection or 
was it were running out of time to go shopping? ;^) 

Gorgeous color on mini coop !!

Will be back! 

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